"They were very thorough and clean. Everything was professional, and they had good equipment. They did both the interior and the exterior of our house, and it was just excellent."

Mona A.

"Prompt service and timeliness."

Brad B.

"They conduct their business in a timely manner."

Ben B.

"They just take care of business."

Jim C.

"They completed the job really fast."

Jessica C.

"They were very responsive, and they did a quality job."

Mark D.

"I liked their reliability and quality of work."

Dave G.

"They were always on time."

Tracy G.

"The customer service, attention to detail, and quality of work."

Barbara G.

"It's rare when you have a contractor that you're happy with, but I'm happy with them. They came on time and did a wonderful job."

Marina J.

"I have used them for quite a while, and their quality control is excellent. They also have exceptional communication and responsiveness."

Larry J.

"They are very thorough, upfront, honest, and they make sure that the job is done correctly. They check with me to make sure I don't have any complaints or issues."

Lisa S.

KD Painting & Services does excellent interior and exterior painting work