How does KD Painting & Services price painting services?
The cost of a painting job is determined by quality and your painters' attention to detail and experience. KD Painting & Services is competitively priced with other high-quality painting contractors in Solano County. As with any service, you get what you pay for. With our top-of-the line service, you get the best preparation, top quality paints by brand-name manufacturers, and expert painting by skilled painters. We provide full warrantees on workmanship and products, and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our company provides workers compensation insurance, $2,000,000 in general liability coverage and is fully licensed and bonded, so you are protected.

See our comprehensive interior painting and exterior painting process outlines to see in detail how KD Painting & Services applies the best paint jobs in the Bay Area.

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What is covered by the warranties from KD Painting & Services?
We guarantee you'll be thrilled with our service and our expert painting. All paint jobs by KD Painting & Services are fully guaranteed, including paints and workmanship. That means if you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll fix the problem free of charge.

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How long will it take for KD Painting & Services to paint my home?
Our painters are professionals who have years of experience in the painting business. We know how to provide an efficient and top quality painting job. The exact time it will take KD Painting & Services to paint your home depends on factors such as the size of the area to be painted, the condition of the painting surfaces and weather (for exterior painting jobs). During our estimate process, KD Painting & Services will tell you the expected timeline for your job, including the start date and finish date.

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What paint does KD Painting & Services use?
KD Painting & Services chooses among the highest grades of paint available from top paint manufacturers Kelly Moore, Sherwin-Williams and ICI. We are flexible with the paints we use based on customer preference, so it is important for customers to know the value that comes with professional paint grades.

Every paint manufacturer makes different grades of paint, ranging from cheap paint to top-of-the-line durable paints. It's important to pick your interior paints and exterior paints not only based on the name brand, but also based on the grade of paint. KD Painting & Services can help you decide which paint is best for your project.

Some customers think they can cut costs by choosing cheaper paint, but it takes a lot more inexpensive paint to cover the same area as high quality paint, so you're often much better off choosing professional grade paint. And because those cheap paints dull and fade quicker, you can actually save money in the long run by choosing top-grade paint that you won't have to repaint too soon.

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How do I choose the best paint shades for my home?
Paint colors are a matter of personal taste. While your home's architectural design may help dictate what colors fit best, the choice of shades is up to you. KD Painting & Services offers professional color consulting that can help you choose the best colors for your interior painting or exterior painting needs.

Bold paint colors are very popular with homeowners in Solano County and throughout the Bay Area. Oranges, reds and pinks are considered warm colors because they tend to warm the space they're in. Cool colors such as blue, green and purple often make a space feel calm and serene. However, even white paint has warm or cool tones depending on what subtle colors are mixed in.

Even though there are thousands of pre-mixed paint shades, you don't have to choose a color that already exists or settle for a shade that doesn't quite match existing paint. Custom color formulation and custom color matching is available from many local paint stores. If you want a perfect match or a custom color, talk with KD Painting & Services and we'll help you get the exact paint colors you're looking for.

When you find colors you like, be sure to note the brand, grade, color and the paint store where you found the sample so that KD Painting & Services can find that exact shade for you. When you've chosen paint colors, it's important to look at those paint samples in your home lighting during different times of the day to be sure you like the color before KD Painting & Services begins to paint. We will apply a free sample of your preferred paint in the room to be painted so that you can live with the color for a while and know for sure you've made the right choice.

With help from KD Painting & Services, the different shades within these color palates can create the perfect mood and feeling for your home.

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What if I'm concerned about lead paint?
Lead paint is common in homes built prior to 1978. While lead paint is no longer used, many homes in Solano County and the greater Bay Area still have lead paint on interior and exterior surfaces. This isn't generally a health threat, however as paint ages and begins to chip and peel, lead can become a danger to children and pets.

Lab tests for lead exist; however, simple, inexpensive home lead tests are available at hardware stores.

If your home contains lead paint, you have options. Homes with lead based paint in large areas or lead paint that is chipping and peeling may require lead paint removal by professional lead abatement contractors. However, if your home has smaller areas of lead paint that is in good condition, KD Painting & Services may be able to remove those areas or simply replace them. Call us at (707) 249-4577 for details.

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How do I maintain my new interior paint job?
Interior paint gets dirty from day-to-day use, including handprints by outlets, scuff marks near baseboards and general wear and tear in high-traffic areas. It's important to clean dirt from your paint to keep it looking fresh and reduce the risk of dirt becoming permanently embedded in your paint.

Semi-gloss paints, low-luster enamel paints and gloss paints are easier to clean than most flat latex paint. If you have small children, pets or other factors that may cause you to have to wash painted surfaces, KD Painting & Services can help you choose among the best paints to stand up to regular cleaning.

Cheap paints are known to fade and wear when cleaned, so it's important to choose high-quality paints for interior areas. But any paint can become discolored when washed. It's important to use mild detergents and soft sponges or cloths. Test clean a small spot in an inconspicuous area of the room. Clean the test spot and wait until it's completely dry. If the washed area looks as vivid as the rest of your paint, it's safe to use that cleanser and cleaning method on the rest of the surface.

Never use ammonia cleansers or alkaline cleaning solutions on latex gloss paints as they will dull the shine. For specific cleaning solutions that will work best on the paint you've chosen, talk with one of the professionals at KD Painting & Services.

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KD Painting & Services does excellent interior and exterior painting work